Products and Services

Family Trust and Wealth Planning

Together with other professional Trust companies and other partners, we are committed in helping our clients to achieve wealth prosperity and transfer their wealth successfully to the next generation to keep the family legacy going.  By working closely with our Trust and Insurance partners, we provide comprehensive strategies and products for our clients to pass their wealth onto next generations, and at the same time to prevent any potential inheritance disputes. 


Tax planning

Together with professional taxation planners, we provide high-end comprehensive tax planning services for businesses, business owners, corporate shareholders/executives or high-income individuals.


Family trust

Family inheritance include not only the inheritance of family assets from generation to generation, but also the inheritance of family vision and values. Together with Trust partners, we assist clients to realize the protection and inheritance of family assets and family businesses, and awareness of self-governance of family business.


Overseas asset allocation

Through global asset allocation, clients can benefit from various investment opportunities, migrate investment risks, and at the same time, effectively diversify their assets through multi-currency, multi-category, and multi-regional investment strategies.


International residency and domicile planning

"Identity planning" covers nationality status, tax status, etc., which is an indispensable and important part of ultra-high-net-worth families in terms of family wealth, education, and business planning. Our expertise can help clients to choose best immigration plans to meet their business expansion and wealth inheritance.


Education Planning

Together with our partners, Meta Elephant Family Office provides comprehensive and customized future education services to our clients. Through the cooperation of global education experts and top international educational institutions, we are committed to cultivating outstanding successors for Chinese families.