Products and Services

Products and Services

Private Equity Investment

Cooperating closely with the world's private equity fund managers, Meta Elephant Capital aims to seize the investment opportunities occurred from global high-tech innovations. The firm’s cross-cycle and cross-industry private equity funds are suitable for investors who can bear higher risks and prefer higher returns and have long-term investment expectations. The firm has been focusing on innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), big data, robotics, electric vehicles, energy storage, biotechnology, gene sequencing, metaverse, cryptocurrency and other blockchain technology-related fields.

Quantitative Fund

Meta Elephant Capital's is working on its quantitative fund, which selects investment targets and make investment decisions and transactions purely via AI algorithms and mathematical models. The investment decisions are based entirely on strategic models and are not affected by subjective emotions and preferences of investment managers. Various factors such as fundamental factors, growth factors, and value factors are extracted from big data by computer AI algorithm and used to build up investment portfolios.

Web 3.0 & Blockchain Investment

Web3.0 is a brand-new concept for the development of global information network. It uses the distributed ledger technology to build a decentralized, highly transparent, and highly secured network system. Everyone is free to use this network without any centralized regulation. Today, Web 3.0 has formed diversified and huge ecosystem, consist of the Metaverse, NFT, Chains, Defi, Gamefi and other elements. The system is still in the process of continuous development and improvement, attracting the attention of blockchain enthusiasts, large technology companies and venture capital firms. Meta Elephant Capital Limited builds up its own Web3.0 and blockchain technology R&D team to seize...

EAM (External Asset Management) Services

Meta Elephant Capital has been focusing on providing financial services to high-net-worth individual clients, shareholders of listed companies, institutional clients, and family offices in China and overseas. Through our international asset management channels, we provide clients with a variety of investment products upon their different levels of risk preferences. As a global platform that combines the world's top private banks, our EAM system allows family customers to enjoy the best private banking services and meet all the family's unique investment needs.

Family Trust and Wealth Planning

Together with other professional Trust companies and other partners, we are committed in helping our clients to achieve wealth prosperity and transfer their wealth successfully to the next generation to keep the family legacy going. By working closely with our Trust and Insurance partners, we provide comprehensive strategies and products for our clients to pass their wealth onto next generations, and at the same time to prevent any potential inheritance disputes.